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Dr. Fred M. Timmermans




It is my learning challenge to live my vision and my passion. In this vision dentistry is a spectacular and evolving medical science. From a mostly tooth-orientated profession it is progressing into a more holistic human-orientated service in which there is a fragile balance between the ever-extending technical and surgical ‘solutions’ and the patients’ ‘needs’. My special fields of interest are all the aspects of the aging dentition and my passion is minimal invasive dentistry and maximal prevention based on a mostly non processed plantbased diet.

The old emphasis on restoring function is fine, as long as we extend the definition of ‘function’. In my vision the cosmetics of the dentition could possibly be considered the most important function in this time and age. Finding the individual optimum to improve aesthetics as well as providing an adequate chewing function within the medical, psychological and financial scope of the patient is the challenge of modern dentistry, as well as integrating high-tech in such an economical way that enables this kind of dentistry to be feasible for the average patient. Managing the complex problems of the senior dentition from within a concept focussing on the prevention of these problems reoccurring is what I have named ‘Senior Dentistry’

It is my intention to deliver high quality professional dental services, research and postgraduate educational services on a small scale in a New Zealand rural private practice setting. Here I could establish an atmosphere of creativity, trust and tranquillity, in which team, patients and colleagues feel motivated, respected and lovingly cared for. Just having finished building our house in the middle of nature (and all family members have helped!) I hope I can  find the ideal setting in which to conclude my testimony for Senior Dentistry. In the book “The wisdom of twenty-three teeth” I would like to give a lasting strategy as a guide to the public and the profession for affordable dental care with the prospect of a long life enjoying good food with a great smile.

A posteriori

1999–Now Synthesis and Experience

  • 2019 Giving presentation to 150 gp's and integrative health professionals at AIMA conference Auckland about the oral microbiome and integrative dentistry
  • 2019 Mentoring colleague Barry Subrimani
  • 2019 Finalising research project LSTR
  • 2017 Integrating Cone Beam CT scanning in our clinic
  • 2016 Starting Mentoring Integrative Dentistry for dentists, collegue Lindsay Boedels 
  • 2012 Starting research project on Lesion Sterilisation and Tissue Repair, a paradigm shifting new way to regenerate vitality with minimal intervention in infected teeth invented and studied for over 20 years by my friend Professor Etsuro Hoshino from Japan

  • 2008 Opening Picton Dental Spa, extended to twice the size of the old surgery and implementing high tech dentistry and relaxation

  • 2007 June moving to Picton New Zealand to enjoy a more natural lifestyle and start a new (ad)venture

  • Assesment of professional references by the Dental Council of New Zealand: I was one of the very few dentists that were welcome to immigrate immediately without the regular examination procedure

  • ANT (Netherlands Dental Association) Chairman on the committee restructuring oral implantology methodology in the new (2006) Dutch Health System

  • 2006 Implementing digital 3-D surgical planning for implantology

  • First member of the Dutch Dental Association (ANT) board advisory committee on Dental Quality Systems. First phase project implemented 2004 (patient poll on quality).

  • 2004 Implementation of digital panoramic radiography in the surgery

  • Implementation of an intranet and forum for ANT Advisory Council

  • In 2003 asked to join the Advisory Council of the ANT. Subjects: Quality, Implantology and Dental Information Technology

  • 2003 Official accreditation as surgical “Implantologist” (TSVI) by the NVOI (Dutch Academy for Oral Implantology)

  • Member of the board of the Rotterdam Dental Association (STR) since 2000, organising and developing an IT-based local dental call centre for on call duties. Implementing an intranet-website forum for members.

  • 2000: Development of an extensive patient information website

  • 1999 Surgery fully renovated and third Surgery added as well as a privately owned in-house Dental Laboratory for optimum quality in porcelain aesthetics (test fitting before glaze firing) and speed logistics with temporary and fixed restorations (immediate placements)

1995 -1999 The emergence of Senior Dentistry

  • Due to a change in the Dutch Health System a considerable switch from removable prosthodontics to non removable solutions

  • Postgraduate in-house training on Senior Dentistry for referring dentists

  • Asked to form a committee by the Dutch Association of Prosthodontology for the protocolization of full-denture fabrication

  • Volunteer in a first pilot scheme for systematic quality review of practices

1993 -1995 Developments in Quality

  • Extension with a second surgery and a dental hygienist

  • Implementation of digital x ray and digital colour photography

  • Development of an ISO 9002 based digital quality management system

  • 1994 /1995 Advisory board member Complan User Association (Complan is the Dutch largest dental software company)

1991 -1993 Dentistry in difficult situations

  • In cooperation with the Regional Dental Officer many ‘difficult’ patients were referred to me for prosthodontic work and implant surgery.

  • 1991 start of gnathologically processing of all models (ear-face bow, central relation records and split cast control)

  • 1992 I started one of the first official Dutch Dental Quality Study Groups (Alpha). This group is still going strong every six weeks

1982 - 1991General Private Dental Practice Rotterdam

  • Accent on periodontology and the management of failures in restored dentitions

  • Surgical oral implantology introduced 1988

  • Digitalisation of patient records introduced 1987


11/83: VU - C. De Putter: Introduction to Oral Implantology
10/84: RUU - C.A.W. Korenhof: Precision attachments under dentures
09/85: ACTA-NVOI- P. Sochat: Periodontal Aspects of Implantology
10/85: RUU-WTA: C. Booy: Orthodontics in general practice
04/87: RUU-WTA: H. Spiekermann: Oral Implantology
08/87: IMZ-Van Straten: G. De Lange: IMZ-implantsystem training course
03/88: Neodent - D. Behaegel: CEKA-attachment training course
12/88: RWTH Aken BRD: H. Spiekermann/ Jovanovic: IMZ-
Branemark implant theory/pratical
09/89: J&J Medical: Surgical closure techniques course
10/89: K. Universiteit Leuven: Congress Parodontologic
12/89: EUR - RTV: H. Plompen: Course on total prothetics
02/90: EUR - RTV: J. De Boever: Diagnosis and treatment of TMJ problems
03/90: V. Straten: NVOI Medical evalution techniques L Abraham
12/90: EUR-RTV: Wismeyer: Implantology and supra fixtures
01/91: EUR-RTV: Creugers: Adhesive prothetics
09/91: EUR-RTV: Pameijer - Burgers: Crown and Bridgework anno 1991
10/91: VVAA : Course in reanimation
11/91: AZU-NVP: K.H. Rateitschak: Clinical Parodontics
11/91: Neuss BRD: Reusch, Speich, Woelfel: Cinathology
12/91: EUR-RTV: C. De Putter: Basic principles and application of Mega-implants
01/92: NVOI: Dental technician course for implantology
04/92: ACTA-NVOI: radiographic diagnosis in Oral Implantology
06/92: DU: H.H. Renggli: Training vicryl-membrame
12/92: EUR-RTV: G.L. De Lange: Implant fixtures
05/92: NMT: Course in setting up peer studygroups in preperation for the start of the
alpha-project study group in Rotterdam
05/92: E. Bergersen: Seminar eruption-guidance
02/93: KUN-PAOT: W. Kalk: Treatment of the edentulous patient with implants
05/93: VU: A.J. Van Winkelhoff: Workshop periodontal microbiology
06/93: EUR-NMT-RTV: Dental help for handicapped patients
10/93: BT-Breda: Symposium Psychodontology
11/93: EUR-RTV: H. De Bruyn: Aesthetics and periodontology
11/93: ACTA: L. Abraham-Inpijn: Medical Assesment course
03/94: Laboral: Workshop Clinical Microbiology Evalution
04/94: NDO:Renggli: Periodontology in Crown and Bridgework
04/94: NDO: W.R. Moorer: Dental Practice Hygiene
04/94: NCT: C de Baat, W. Kalk : Gerodontology
04/94: NCT: G.C.H.Sanderink, A.Mol.: Digital radiography
04/94: NCT: G.L. de Lange, H. Reintsema: Implantology
04/94: NCT: C.J. Hakman: Multidisciplinary approach to dento-facial deformaties
04/94: NCT: J.P. Van Amerongen: New techniques in diagnosis of caries
10/94: VU: C.J. Hakman: Psychoanalysis for dental specialists
11/94: NMT: NVSST: symposium social Dentistry
12/94: Pameijer, Kuij, Neff, Mohl, Kayser: NVG Congres Bite registration
01/95: McCarrol, Derksen: NVG-Cursus Occlusal splints
03/95: Megadent/flex: H. Skovsgaard: Ergonomics Symposium
04/95: NMT: Cursus Alphamodel and communication
05/95: COBIJT & CBT RKZ: Symposium Special Dentistry

05/95: VU: C.J. Hakman: Psychoanalysis II*
05/95: VU-Laboral: vd Velden, Ballieux, Amerongen, Winkelhoff: Stressfactors in
07/95: Teleac: Quality Managment (Iso-norm) and its application to the medical sector
10/95: DCPC: S.A. Jovanovic, R.H. Veldhuis: Periodontal prosthetics and guided tissue
regeneration combined with implantology
10/95: VTT: R.S. Benninga: Neurolinguistic programming workshop
10/95: VU: C de Baat, D.B. Tuinzing: Oral surgery VU
10/95: ZKR: Symposium Insurability of Dentistry
10/95: Rijnstate Arnhem: Symposium Implantology
02/96: NMT-DentNet: Course Electronic communication
02/96: Osseointegration 2-day Symposium: Controversies in Implant Dentistry . Kirsch, Lang,Jovanovic- Krasnapolsky Hotel Amsterdam
06/96: ACTA: Klein Nulend, Beertsen, de Lange: Healing and regeneration in
periodontal tissues
06/96: ACTA: symposium The dentist as a central figure
09/96: DAED Congres Zeist: D. Garber: The new changing face of dentistry,
Restoration- driven Implant with restoration-generated site development
10/96: ACTA: M.Naije, M.A.J. v. Waas:relationship of occlusion and CMD mutilated
dentition and restoration of function with implants
11/96: NVOI najaarscongres: Keys to aesthetics (Pallaci, Dahlin, Prestipino)
11/96: NVvP najaarscongres: General Health considerations in relation to periodontitis
01/97: ASTRA: Lindhe: biological width in implants
01/97: NVvP: Perioplantology satelite conference Utrecht
01/97: ASTRA: Implants in patient with destructive periodontitis & implant surfaces
03/97: STRAUMANN: Dental Technician course: Screws versus cement
05/97: NVOI voorjaarscongres: The edentulous maxilla
09/97: 8th Dutch ITI congres: Bone and bone regeneration
10-97: NVGPT: Bruxism 1997 - update
12-97: NVOI/NVGPT: Rotterdam Bridging the gap
01-98: Amersfoort: Lightspeed Advanced Endodontics course
09-98: ITI congress Zeist
10-98: Pameijer:II: Advanced restorative procedures
10-98: Symposium ‘Function’, Köln, Meyer, Reusch (Girrbach)
11-98: NVOI Implantology congress Maastricht
01/98: Dental Trading Post B.V.: “Lightspeed endo advanced course”
01/98: NMT-ACTA: Dental radiology
04/98: Dr. Mees Burgers: 35 years of crown and bridgework, Gert-Jan
Eikmans Tandarts, Pr en marketing, Carlton Beach Hotel Scheveningen
09/98: NVOI: 9de ITI Congres: Failures, compications and risk factors in
implant dentistry
10/98: Dental Center fot Postgraduate Courses: complex restorative treatment, J.H.N Pameijer
11/98: NVOI: 15-jarig jubileumcongres NVOI : ‘fixed and solid’, MECC,
98/99: NMT: promotion of quality by means of intercolleague discussions
(Alphamodel )
01/99: VU Academisch Ziekenhuis: Psychodiagnosic for Dentistry Specialism
04/99: NVOI: NVOI themadag : Bone augmentation in Oral Implantology, Dr.
M. Hürzeler
06/99: Tera-Mai Reiki, 1st Grade of the Usui system of Natural Healing
07/99: Dutch Academy for Esthetic Dentistry: open DAED-regioavond, Dr. Sandro Palla (Dutch Academy of
Aesthetic Dentistry)
09/99: ITI : 10th Dutch ITI (Straumann) Jubilee Congress

10/99: DAED: “The art and science of Aesthetic Prosthodontics”, Dr Laurence
10/99: Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen: New perspectives in periodontal and
edentulous ridge augmentation Guide Tissue and Bone Regeneration, Myron Nevins
03/00: NVOI: 2e National day of Study on Implatology
07/00: Privatinstitut für Paradontology & Implantology Munchen:
Microsurgical techniques in Plastic Oral Surgery
09/00: ITI: From simple to demanding rehabilitations with the current ITI
Dental Implant System, Prof Dr. U. Brägger, Dr. R. Mericske-Stern
10/00: Dental Union: symposium Dr. Christian Besimo
10/00: Tera-Mai Reiki, 2nd Grade of the Usui system of Natural Healing
00/01: NMT: : promotion of quality by means of intercolleague discussions
within the Alphamodel
01/01: PAOT-ACTA: Panoramic Radiographs, Dr. G.C.H. Sanderink, Dr. X.L.
03/01: NVOI: Spring congress Interdisciplinary Management, Vincent G. Koch
09/01: ITI: 11th Dutch ITI Implantology Congress
10/01: ITI: Sinus elevation surgery
03/02: H. Doornbusch, K. Veenstra, The binocular microscope in dentistry
04/02: Dental College: Endodontics from science to practice, W.J. van Driel
10/02: NVvE: Lustrum Congress 2002 Endodontology
11/02: NVOI: Najaarscongress Tarnow Revisited, Dennis P. Tarnow, D.D.S.
11/02: Dental Center for Postgraduate Courses, working together: Dentist and
02/03: ITI: Managing ITI E-implants
03/03: NVOI-NVMK: Implantology congress: bone is the basis, H.Reitsema, J.
Davies, R. Sschenk, J, Cawood, D. Buser
05/03: Privatinstitut für Paradontologie & Implantologie Munchen: Evolution
Revolution Perio-Implantology
06/03: Materialise Leuven, training in Simplant 3-D dental CT-scan software
2003 Privatinstitut für Paradontologie & Implantologie Munchen: IPI-Online-
Club, Surgical Training by Internet
09/04: LabOral Diagnostics : Lustrum Congres LabOral Diagnostics Bacterial
2004: Privatinstitut für Paradontologie & Implantologie Munchen: IPI-Online-
Club, Surgical Training by Internet
06/05: NVVRT: Antwerp Congress Aesthetic Restauration and Rehabilitation
2005: Privatinstitut für Paradontologie & Implantologie Munchen: IPI-Online-
Club, Surgical Training by Internet
11/05:Catan: Course:The 5 keys to succesfull dental practice management
2006: Privatinstitut für Paradontologie & Implantologie Munchen: IPI-Online-
Club, Surgical Training by Internet
05/06: Course Biomed Med3 D CT-scan surgical template planning Zurich
06/06: NVVRT Rotterdam: Veneers with Sverker Toreskog and Claes Myrin

From 2003 every year AED training in practice with the team
From 1992 every year 5 or 6 ALPHA study club peer review meetings

In New Zealand I use mainly online courses to keep my professional standards high. In 2012 I had a very interesting visit (and intensive one in one training) of 3 days by Professor Hoshino, main researcher for the so called LSTR therapy, a fully new more biological approach to preserve teeth that are already highly infected by bacteria.


2007 - New Zealand Dental Association
2003 - 2007 Board of Advisors Dutch Dental Association
2003 - 2006 Coordinator Commitee on Dental Quality Improvement
2005 - 2007 Work group Research Implantology Insurability

2007 Honorary member of the Dutch Dental Association (ANT)
2007 Honorary member of the Rotterdam Dental Association (STR)
1990 - 2007 Dutch Academy for Oral Implantology (accredited NVOI-TSVI Implantologist)
1995 - 2007 Dutch Academy for Gnathology and Prothestic Dentistry (NVG)
1990 - 2007 Dutch Academy for Periodontology (NVP)
1990 - 2007 Dutch Academy for Restorative Dentistry (NVRT)
1990 - 2007 Dutch Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (DAED)


Enjoying life, love and nature and trying to evolve my consciousness

Together with life long partner Ellen and my wonderful four children cocreating a one hectare organic permaculture garden/orchard and being guardians of 79 ha of absolutely unspoilt native bush with thousands of native birds and snails "Grey Spirit Reserve" on the norht slope of Mount McCormick.

Being a passionate fan of paragliding, flying in absolute stillness without motor and of course:  sailing the beautiful Marlborough Sounds.

Fan of theatre, sponsor of the Picton Little Theatre